About Us

Astwood Equine Osteopaths is based at Andrew and Melanie Marling’s dressage and livery yard in Worcestershire.

Andrew married into a ‘horsey’ family in 1997 and has been involved with horses ever since. Before their retirement Andrew’s parents-in-law bred thoroughbreds and competition horses as well as standing their own thoroughbred stallions at stud.

Andrew’s wife, Melanie, has ridden her whole life successfully competing at intermediate level eventing when younger. Melanie is now campaigning her own young dressage horse, regularly scoring over 70% and is a qualified instructor.

Andrew trained (in human osteopathy) for 4 years (full time study) at the prestigious British School of Osteopathy in London, considered by many as the premier school in Europe. After graduating with honours in 2005 he then completed a Post Graduate course in Animal Osteopathy. This means that Andrew is uniquely trained to treat both horse and the rider.

His comprehensive knowledge of the horse’s correct way of going and the rider’s influence means he is able to not only treat the horse in a precisely target way but also that he is able to advise on the follow up work the horse needs to improve.